EHS Manager

Somerville, NJ area

Job Summary:
Health, Safety, and Environmental Manager develop, maintain, and protect health and safety standards with the organization in accordance with current health and safety legislation.

Job Requirements:
Conducts pre-employment and monthly employee safety training. Investigate and record incidents, accidents, cases of illness. Risk assessments and site inspections. Outline safe operational procedures and take account of all relevant hazards. Determine ways of reduced risks. Write health and safety policies. Compile, interpret, and communicate statistics. Present data and recommend solutions to managers and employees. Provide health and safety meetings and training for employees. Liaison with relevant authorities. Assure up to date compliance with current health and safety legislation. Complies with corporate guidelines included in Code of Business conduct policy.

Bachelor’s degree in occupational safety and health, environmental science, or similar preferred.

Willing to travel three to five weeks per year.

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